The BEST Way to Enjoy the Holidays

Just like this family photo, my holidays are never perfect

But there’s always one thing that makes my holidays 100% more peaceful and enjoyable.

It’s a firm belief that the small moments are filled with love and fun:

my stepkids literally losing their minds when unwrapping gifts
my little rolly-polly nephew and his beaming smile
my sister’s hilarious renditions of her life on the west coast
my dad’s stories about the pranks he used to play in his office – they never get old.

Of course there will be moments of tension, frustration, and hurt feelings. Probably a few crying kids. Maybe some tantrums.

But I’m choosing to remember that I can always have fun, and look for the love.

And these moments are available to me and they’re available to you too to fully experience, if you just look for them.

What are you going to look for over the holidays?

Join me – open up to the love and keep things fun.

Happy Holidays from my family and I!

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