It’s 2020: What will your choice be?

It was my wedding anniversary, and I was sitting in the airport. 


I was supposed to be on a flight to my husband. 


But I missed my connection. 


And I was upset – 


Why couldn’t they have waited? 


Why did I get put on a flight leaving 8 hours later? 


By 10:30 am I should have been home. 


Celebrating with my husband, relaxing. 


Instead I was stuck for the entire day – at the airport by myself. 


And then I remembered:I have a choice: 


I can choose to be miserable.


Or I can choose to make the most of my 8 hour layover.


I chose the latter: I read my new book, I journaled, I planned, I had a nice lunch, I walked around the airport, listened to podcasts. 


We always have this choice – no matter what happens around us, or in our stepfamilies.


You can decide to make the most of your time with your stepfamily if you want.


What do you want your 2020 to be like in your stepfamily? 


If you want, it could be your best year yet. 


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