One Question…Changes Everything

What would love do?


It’s a simple question, adapted from one of my teachers.


And it’s one I ask myself when I am unsure of what to do.


My stepdaughter is kicking the table and slamming her toys into the ground. 


Deep breath – What would love do? 


Love tells her to breathe. 


Love lets her know that if she doesn’t stop, there will be a consequence. 


My stepson just pushed his little brother to the ground, hard.  


Deep breath. 


What would love do?


Love reacts with patience and calmly tells him to go to his room.


Love later asks him what was going on. 


I’ve found that love always knows the best answer. 


Love is compassionate, yet firm. 


Love sometimes means no. 


Love sometimes means giving someone a consequence. 


Love is wise. 


Try it out sometime for yourself. 


When you’re faced with a challenging moment, ask: what would love do? 


You’ll be amazed by your own wisdom, and how well you handle things. 


Plus, acting from love never leaves you feeling guilty or regretful- it feels true and compassionate.

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