The Single Most Effective Way to Stop Your Stepkids’ Tantrums

It all starts with a grunt of frustration. Then yelling, stomping. 


I take a deep breath.


I know how to handle this – I learned from some very wise women. 


Are you ready for my secret? 


It’s a hug. A simple hug. 


I’ll feel her body relax. She might start to cry.


I’ll ask what’s wrong. 


And we’ll talk. 


Hugs work so well because they instantly cut through tension. 


They require the hugger (us) to relax and be kind. 


They allow the receiver (our stepkids) to feel safe and cared for. 


A hug, an act of love, always wins. 


It’s not necessarily easy to do – especially when we’re super angry or frustrated. 


But it’s the most effective method by far – and it makes things easier on everyone, including us stepmoms. 


Try out for yourself, and see how it goes.

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