What you need to know about resenting your stepkids

Let’s set the record straight – If you resent your stepkids, there is absolutely nothing wrong with you. 


There’s actually a very good reason why you feel that way – it’s because of your human brain. 


Your human brain, untrained, is like a puppy left all alone in your house unleashed and uncrated:


Oh → look at the roll of toilet paper! That looks fun to pull down and run around the house with. Oh woops! Knocked over the lamp. Yikes…smoke….flames…


You get the picture. 


Imagine this puppy is your current human brain – 


He latches onto the first thing that pops up in your mind – I resent my stepkids – and doesn’t let go. 


He runs around your mind with it – wreaking havoc on your moods, straining your marriage, making it really difficult to tolerate even being around your stepkids. 


He keeps latching onto the same thing over and over: I resent my stepkids. They don’t appreciate me. I’ll always be an outsider. 


Here’s the good news: just like you can train a puppy to sit, walk, and ‘drop it’, you can also train your mind to pay attention to things that serve you and let go of things that don’t. 


And it’s not even that hard. 


Today, what if instead of focusing on: I resent my stepkids…you decided to let that go and instead focused on: 


“One day, it’s possible I will love these kids like they were my own.”


Feels better. And hopeful. And not so icky.

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