Divorce Guilt and How It Affects Our Marriages

If your spouse….


✳️lets the kids get away with way too much


✳️doesn’t always back you up when you enforce the rules


✳️cancels date night because the kids “needed” something


Here’s what’s going on: 


➡️Your spouse feels GUILTY


Guilty about the divorce that he or she played a starring role in. 


Guilty for forcing the kids into a situation where they will never again get to live with the bio mom and dad at the same time. 


Guilty for all of the hours that he or she is no longer present in the kids lives. 


And from a place of guilt, your partner tries to make it right. 


The good news is that your partner’s behavior doesn’t have to be a problem. 


It doesn’t have to mean something is inherently wrong with him or her or your marriage. 


It’s fixable.  


You guys can talk about it if you want.


And either way, you know that your partner’s behavior has everything to do with their own guilt…


and nothing to do with you. 



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