Important: Relief from COVID-19

What do you know to be true right here, and now? 

Here is what I know right now. 

Right now, I am standing in my home office and writing this message. 

My husband is peacefully sleeping on the couch, after coming home from his latest shift from the hospital. 

He is warm, and alive, and not sick.  

My stepkids are playing on the computer (and not fighting…victory!) 

I am safe, and healthy. 

Right now. 

All we’ve ever had my friends is NOW. 

There was always uncertainty – and the problem for of all us, myself included, is that we’ve built up these structures to make us feel more certain.

But they were always an illusion.  

COVID-19 was always meant to come.

All of the things, and money, and family could always be taken away from us at any moment – virus or no virus. 

Once we accept that we can never control our futures, we can make peace with the uncertainty that’s yelling in our faces right now. 

And even if….

Even if the worst thing that you could possibly imagine happening, happens….how do you want to spend the time you have now, with the people you love? 

Once I realized that I just have these moments, I decided I’m going to listen better to my husband. 

I’m going to give my stepkids lots of hugs and compassion, because I know they’re suffering too. 

I’m going to call my mom more often. 

Life is ever so precious. 

Give yourself a break from COVID-19 news….

Hug your spouse extra hard. 

Call your best friend and plan a trip together for next year. 

Make a 90-day goal and plan for yourself. 

Snuggle with a child. 

Breath, deeply. And exhale completely. 

I love you all.

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