The Greatest Gift

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I want to share the greatest gift with you. 

But first, we gotta heal some wounds: 

There are some things that we tell ourselves that really do a lot of damage to our marriage and our experience as stepmoms:

  • I wish my spouse didn’t have kids…

  • I never really wanted to marry someone with kids…

  • Wouldn’t it be nice if my spouse didn’t have kids….

They may seem really innocent – just wishful thinking, right? 

The problem, though, is that these thoughts actually cause us a lot of pain – and many of us don’t realize this because we were never taught otherwise (and P.S. that’s 100% OK).


What’s happening though is that we’re arguing with our reality – and our minds really struggle with this – it’s like a torture of sorts. 


We’re envisioning a future we can’t actually have with the person we love so much. 


Because he or she actually has kids.


And those kids are a fundamental part of our spouses. 


And when we really think about it…without their kids, our spouses might be totally different people: 


  • Maybe less mature, less patient 

  • Maybe less responsible

  • Maybe we would have never met and fallen in love in the first place. 


And maybe, just maybe – marrying someone with kids is actually the greatest gift we could have been given.


Maybe, just maybe, marrying someone with kids is actually the key to our best futures.


Maybe our lives can be better than we ever imagined because we have so many opportunities for connection and fulfillment and growth right in front of us. 


Things that are worth it in life rarely come easy, but in the end they are oh so worth it. 

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