I love my stepkids but…

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We’ve all had them. 


They’re sneaky little things. 


And they cause us a lot of emotional turmoil: 


  • I love my stepkids but…sometimes I just wish they weren’t here. 


  • I love my stepkids but…things would be easier without them. 


These beliefs may seem totally harmless.


But they actually make us feel really icky on the inside. 


And when we’re feeling that way, we might choose to avoid our stepkids, or give up on trying to connect with them altogether. 


Or maybe contemplate a divorce. 


Or figure out how to willpower our way through child rearing (at least until they’re 18 right?)


But what if we just decided to shift our focus for a moment? 


See, these sneaky little thoughts make us feel bad, and ultimately aren’t aligned with what we really desire for ourselves. 


What if instead we started focusing on possibilities, based on our deepest desires? 


  • What if it were truly possible for each of us to feel fulfilled and connected as stepmoms? 


  • What if it were truly possible to love our stepkids like they were our own? 


See, possibility is powerful. 


Possibility is solutions oriented – and it creates hope. 


It’s available to all of us at any time. 


Whatever it is we want for ourselves as stepmoms…let’s just imagine for a moment it really is possible.

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