This is magic

A couple overlooking the city

I have something magical to share. 


Did you know…it’s possible for you to feel the love and peace and connection you crave as a stepmom…


Without anyone else around you changing. 


Say WHAT? 


I know – but you have to stay with me. 


By default, our minds like to blame other people for how we’re currently feeling: 


If my spouse weren’t so permissive, or if the kids listened better, or if the other bio-parent wasn’t so dramatic…then my life would be more enjoyable and I would feel better. 


Our minds like to blame others because it requires no additional effort – and we were never taught differently. 


But the truth is – we create our feelings because of what we think. Other people are not responsible for our feelings. 


And we can just decide to accept our stepkids and spouses in all of their perfectly flawed humanness (and feel peaceful). 


We can decide to pay more attention to the things we already like about them and what’s working (and feel love). 


And no, we ultimately cannot control our stepkids or our spouses. 


But this is where the magic comes in- 


If we decide to take ownership for our feelings, we’re going to show up gentler and softer in our relationships. 


And the people around us will react differently to us – with more gentleness and kindness. 


It will feel like they’ve changed – but that’s only because we took the initiative. 


Change starts with us. And it’s available to all of us. 

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