How to Celebrate Mother’s Day

woman holding flowers

I’ve been thinking about you…


And the upcoming Mother’s Day this Sunday. 


And here is my message to you: 


You matter. 


Your stepkids may not call you ‘mom,’ but you help take care of them. 


You dole out hugs and lunches. 


Fold clothes, clean up messes, offer words of encouragement. 


No one gets to make you feel insignificant – only you can do that to yourself. 


Don’t use this day to beat yourself up, or judge yourself, or believe others’ negative opinions about you. 


This Mother’s Day I invite you to focus on all of the reasons why you matter – why you are significant: 


  • You have a significant and positive influence on your stepkids lives. 

  • You are so loved by your spouse. 

  • You are enough, no matter what. 


Celebrate you. 


Because you matter, stepmomma. So much more than you know. 


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