Most women would hate this…

Woman with 2 small children

Let’s be real. 


Most women would hate this. 


And by this – I mean our lives: stepkids, ex-spouses, permissive spouses. 


And yet. 


THIS is our lives. 


Those other women? 


They’re not living our lives. 


They don’t get to determine how we feel about it. 


That’s up to us.


And we’re not most women.  


We can choose to love the life we’re in. 


And it’s as simple as this: 


Reminding ourselves all of the amazing qualities of our spouse – and why we fell in love in the first place. 


Looking for the little things we enjoy about our stepkids. 


Accepting each member of our household in all of their perfect imperfectness. 


We don’t have to hate this. 


And THIS life can be better than we ever imagined. 


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