I used to snap at him

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I used to snap at my husband all the time. 


I wanted to stop, but I didn’t necessarily know how.


Until I learned what was going on – 


See, I would snap at him because I was feeling annoyed, or frustrated or irritated. 


And instead of processing those emotions, I was snapping at my husband – about how he parented the kids, about the house being a mess, you name it. 


To process my emotions is actually really straightforward – 


It really just involves inhaling and exhaling slowly until I feel calm – instead of snapping


And when I’m calm, I can have more effective conversations:  

Instead of yelling at him to make the kids clean up, I’ll just ask his kids again, calmly, and set consequences if they don’t listen. 


Argument avoided. 


It took some practice but I am proud to say now that I rarely snap. 


At him, or anyone else in my family. 


I’m not superhuman – I’m just taking some deep, slow breaths. 


This is available to you too if you want it – and it can literally save your marriage.


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