We can do hard things

Woman in boxing tape punching the air

Being a stepmom is hard, they say.


And you know what I say? 


Let it be hard. 


We can do hard things. 


We are stepmoms because we have an incredible capacity to love. 


Think about it – we loved someone else so much we agreed to help raise their kids. 


Some might say we were foolish, or naive. 


I say let them.


The truth is that what we chose –  we chose from pure love. 


And we chose it because there’s a part of us that knows just how beautiful having a stepfamily can be. 


Any challenges that we’re currently having with our stepkids or our spouses – those are supposed to be there. 


They simply exist to help us become more of the loving and strong women we’re destined to be. 


So don’t give up. 


This can be hard, but we can do hard things. 


And we know how to love – and I promise that’s the most important part. 

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