Why we hide

Woman with glasses and hat

All stepmoms do it. 


Hiding out. Avoiding. Counting down the hours until the stepkids go off to the other parent’s house.


And it’s most likely because we’re thinking something like this: 


I just don’t want my stepkids here. 


(P.S. If you have thought this, you’re not a monster. you’re just a human!) 


And there’s nothing wrong with thinking this way –


Except that it creates the exact opposite of what we want.


What we really want to feel is love and connection with our stepkids, but instead we’re hiding and pulling further away from them. 


The solution? 


Choose love for them first.  


Choose love even when he whines, or talks back. 


Choose love even when she slams a door in your face, or doesn’t take out the trash like you asked.




Because choosing love feels better. 


And when we’re feeling better, we won’t want to avoid our stepkids anymore. 


We’ll start to cultivate the close and intimate relationships we desire. 


And we’ll likely have a lot more fun. 


It doesn’t have to be hard. 


It’s just a daily decision to love. 

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