The Case for Love

Woman smiling

I have a confession to make. 


I used to think that loving my stepkids was so hard. 


And I had (and hey, still have) a lot of good evidence for why loving them was so hard – 


They’re SUCH difficult kids. They have all kinds of developmental and mood challenges. They’re hopeless with chores. They’re always fighting. They’re so needy… 


But then I realized that NOT loving them was actually HURTING me.  


Withholding my love only created MORE distance between us and LESS joy.


And so I made a different decision. 


I decided to become the woman who loved her stepkids unconditionally. 


I made the case for loving them despite their shortcomings. 


Because ultimately, that’s basically what my stepkids did for me. 


They did not choose me. But they accepted me – exactly as I am.


And they’re my family. And I love my family no matter what. 


Because even when it’s hard…  


Love actually makes things better – I don’t sweat the small stuff. And I get to feel more connected to my stepkids. 


And I promise you, if I can do this with all 4 of my stepkids, I know you can too. 


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