I’m inspired

Woman on couch

I’ve been thinking about you. 


And here’s what I want you to know:


YOU inspire me.  


Because you agreed to help raise someone else’s kids. For love.


You are a dreamer – you had a vision for a beautiful life with another person, and the stepkids.


You are a risk-taker – you never imagined being a stepmom. You may have married your man or woman against the advice of friends, family, and society.


You might not see yourself this way, but I do.


So my best advice to you is: don’t give up hope just yet. I believe in you, and the deepest desires you have for your stepfamily relationships.


You ARE strong enough to overcome whatever is going on right now in your stepfamily.


You ARE capable of figuring it all out.



You are a lover. A risk-taker. A dreamer.


And you inspire me. 

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