Elle’s story: Get over bio-mom drama in 60 minutes or less

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I love this – this is Elle’s story about how she got over her drama with the bio mom, without the ex changing at all. 


(and yes, it happened in under an hour!). 


Here’s where we started: 


During our first coaching session together, Elle told me she felt super anxious all the time around her husband’s ex.


She never knew how the ex was going to act – best friend or total enemy? 


And I get why she felt anxious – it’s normal in a situation like this. 


But I let Elle know that her ‘ex anxiety’ didn’t have to be the norm any longer.  


So I showed her how the ex’s words and actions weren’t actually personal. 


In Elle’s case, we discussed how the ex just wanted her ex-husband back. She was feeling jealous, and she was taking it out on Elle. 


I helped Elle see that she could literally be any woman – and she still would have been treated the same way by the ex. 


Over the next couple of days, Elle practiced reminding herself of one simple truth: It’s not personal.


This idea brought a lot of relief to Elle – not just in our conversation but in real life, with the ex, too. 


Later on that week at a gathering, the ex came over to Elle and made a comment about how great her husband was looking. 


Elle normally would have felt threatened by that type of comment but instead she just smiled and agreed: “Yea, you know what? He does.”


I love how one simple idea helped Elle so much. And sometimes, that’s really all it takes. 

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