Feeling anxious right now? I can help you

woman with mouth closed

For many of us, the holidays can make us feel super anxious.


And it makes sense – many of us are not only dealing with the stress of gift buying and meal planning but we also have the added stressors of stepkids who maybe don’t love us that much, or don’t listen, or refuse to eat anything we put on the table.  


And truth be told, it’s much harder to control what’s outside of us (the holidays during a global pandemic, what our stepkids say or do) than what’s inside of us. 


The good news is that we can control how calm we feel in this very moment without changing a single thing about our stepkids, or the holidays in general. 


If you’re thinking – well how on earth do I do that – stick with me. I’ve got you. 


It all starts with our breath. Literally. If you can breathe, you can cut your anxiety by half at any moment. 


So the next time you feel anxious (and heck, maybe you’re feeling anxious right now)…


Just notice how the emotion feels in your body.  


Now take a slow, deep inhale through your nose, and exhale slowly through your mouth. Do this for a few minutes until you physically feel your body relax a bit. The tightness will be less intense. The heaviness will lift. 


So yes, that’s all it takes. And you can notice your emotions and breathe slowly whenever the heck you want… 


And instantly feel relieved and way less anxious this holiday season. 

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