Why 70% of stepfamilies fail & How to Stop It

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Yes – it’s true. 


Up to 70% of marriages with stepkids in the mix won’t last. 


And the number one reason why these marriages end is because of fighting over the stepkids. 


And it’s not just the arguing in and of itself –

It’s actually *how* the couple argues.

They yell and lash out. No one feels heard. Nothing ever gets resolved. No one changes. 


So if you are currently stuck in a state of endless tension and escalating arguments, I want you to know you’re not alone and there’s nothing wrong with you. 


And your marriage can make it.

It’s just hard work to figure all this out on your own. 


But I want you to consider that the only reason you haven’t figured it out yet is simply that – 


No one has ever taught you the skill of having powerful, and influential arguments that actually build intimacy and connection in a marriage with stepkids. 


So no, you don’t need to stay in the vicious cycle of intense fights about the stepkids or parenting styles anymore or end your relationship because of it. 


You can learn how to break this pattern for you and your marriage.  


And it only takes one person to totally change the relationship dynamic. (because hey, you need two people to actually escalate an argument!) 


So imagine having just one calm disagreement where you and your partner both understood each other, no matter the outcome. Imagine how content and loved you’d feel after just one conversation like that. 


Now imagine having those types of calm, loving disagreements over and over again. 


Imagine how much more loved and appreciated you’d start to feel at home. Imagine how much more intimate and fulfilling your marriage would become. 


Imagine how your desire and attraction for one another would spark because of it all. 


This is possible for you, and your marriage.

I know this because I’ve helped myself and dozens of women just like you learn the skill of navigating any difficult conversation with grace and integrity so that we can ultimately enjoy more appreciative and loving partnerships. 


And all it takes is learning one new, simple, skillset to have the lasting, connected marriage you want deep down, too. 

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