This stepmom’s before & after story blew my mind

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Do you love a good ‘before and after’ story? 


I know I do. 


So I wanted to share Kalina’s incredible before and after journey with you. Because it’s so good. 


You ready?  


Here’s Kalina’s ‘before’ – where she was before we started working together, in her own words:


“My life was miserable before I found Kristin. I absolutely despised being a stepmom. I hated the ex-wife. I often hated my husband for bringing her into my life and not warning me how hard things would be. I resented everything I did for the kids, all my sacrifices, all my time, it felt like it was pointless. I was contemplating divorce because I didn’t think I could handle being a stepmom for the rest of my life. I was hopeless, depressed and desperate!” 


When we first met, she thought the ex, her husband, and the kiddos were the problem – which is so common! 


However, I showed her that if she kept on blaming them, life was going to keep being really hard – simply because trying to get other people to change is a losing battle. The only thing she can control is herself. 


And so, I let her know that there were a few simple, do-able tweaks she could make within herself to have a more peaceful and enriching family life. 


I helped her consciously and deliberately love her stepkids and appreciate the uniqueness of their relationship no matter what – instead of resenting them. 


I taught her how to process and release her negative emotions around the ex, her husband, and her stepkids, instead of reacting and hiding out from her family all the time.  


I showed her how to intentionally define her role as a stepmom based on her values, and the relationships she ultimately wanted to create – so she was no longer helping out from a sense of obligation. 


And now?


It’s like she’s living a different life. 


In her own words, this is what happened after we worked together: 


“I went from hating my life, to actually enjoying my role in my family. I went from feeling like an outsider to feeling like a family unit. And most of all, I developed the coping skills and thought processes I needed to create so much more happiness and peace in my life! No longer do I feel helpless and hopeless, I can now look to the future with excitement. I am in control! I feel powerful.” 


And the best news?

What Kalina has is possible for you too. 


So imagine how much more peaceful and loving you’d feel at home and in your marriage if you no longer resented your partner and your stepkids. 

Imagine how freeing it would feel to no longer hate the ex, or feel so threatened – no matter how crazy he or she acted.  


You can create this for yourself. All it takes is learning a few simple, do-able shifts to make your entire life 100% happier. 

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