Can you really fix the relationship with your stepkids?

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Are you having a hard time with your stepkids? 


If this is you, you’re not alone and there’s nothing wrong with you – 


And if you want to improve your relationships, you can. Let me show you how through the story of one of my clients –


She came to me because her relationship with her stepdaughter was damaged. 


They had a big fight, and things were never the same after that. 


Her stepdaughter, who is 16, spent a lot of time in her room, or out of the house. 


They weren’t communicating very much.  


My client thought her stepdaughter was the problem – she’s not around, she doesn’t talk, she’s too difficult. 


And I have no doubt that her stepdaughter IS difficult – I mean she’s a teenage girl. 


But blaming her kiddo, or waiting for her to change, was never going to heal their relationship. 


And, I let her know that there were a few simple tweaks she could make to build up more trust and connection, and break down the walls between them. 


So, I showed her how to stop beating herself up for the big fight they had. 


I taught her how to pause, and not react out of anger, or frustration anymore.


I taught her how to love her stepdaughter without conditions, and without becoming a doormat in the process. 


She took what we discussed to heart, and applied it to her relationship. 


And now?  


Her stepdaughter spends a lot more time at home. 


They connect and chat each night before she goes to bed. 


When my client finds things like a vape pen in her stepdaughter’s room, she takes a deep breath and calmly addresses it with her spouse, and stepdaughter – instead of lashing out. 


My client feels so much more peace, and so much less anger and frustration on a daily basis – 


Not because she’s a special case, but because she decided to learn a few simple tools, and apply them in her home. 


And what she cultivated is possible for you too. 


You too can experience more peace, and joy in your relationships – no matter how strained they are right now. 

And it’s easier than you think. 

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