How one powerful question changed everything for her

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Did you know there’s a simple technique you can use to feel incredibly empowered and in control of your life…


WHILE also effectively solving your stepfamily challenges one by one? 


If you were just like – Um no! Tell me everything! – this story is for you: 


Recently, one of my clients was feeling pretty bummed and resentful about her money situation. 


Her stepdaughter needed braces – and long story short, the divorce agreement stipulates my client’s husband has to pay the entire bill. No matter what. 


To pay for it, she and her husband are going to have to use all of their vacation money. 


And yes, let’s just agree that her situation – and that divorce agreement in particular – sucks. 


But, for her, ruminating about her situation was only making her feel incredibly resentful, and it was causing a lot of arguments at home. 


And instead of resigning herself to NO vacation this year, I invited her to consider a different type of question: 


How can they pay for the braces AND still go on a family vacation? 


As soon as I asked this question, she felt her whole body relax. 


We started talking about solutions that weren’t even on her radar before – like selling off a couple of things at home, doing a side hustle – simply because she hadn’t thought to ask herself a different type of question.


See, our brains LOVE answering questions – 


And when we feed it empowered questions like: 

  • How can we all get what we want here? 

  • What is best for me and my family? 

  • How can I make this easy? 


– We get empowered answers back. 


We figure out how to live the life we want on purpose – no matter what shenanigans are happening in our stepfamilies.


It’s not magic – it’s just the way the mind works. 


And consider this:



Maybe you’re closer than you think to have the fulfilling and peaceful home life you want deep down – 



Maybe asking and answering one powerful question is all you need to start enjoying a calmer and more loving home today.

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