Can’t stand your stepkids? Read this

Woman with head with hand

I want you to know that if you can’t stand your stepkids…




All of the time…


It’s OK. 


You are simply a human being, having a human experience. 


If you can’t stand your stepkids it means nothing about you-  except your mind is working like it’s supposed to. 


See, we’re a tribal species. We’ve evolved to be social creatures. 


And we want to surround ourselves with people who are kind and loving. 


And sometimes our stepkids don’t act kind or loving towards us.


I also know deep down there’s a part of you that cares for them – who loves, or maybe wants to find love for them. 


But as long as you judge yourself for disliking them, for not being able to stand them…


The part of you who cares deep down will never come out.  


So – 


What if you just decided to stop judging yourself for having negative feelings towards your stepkids? 


It’s normal. 

It’s human. 

And what if just for today you gave yourself permission to feel negatively? Then what?  

Notice the relief you might be feeling right now – just reading these words and accepting YOU, as a human. 

And when you accept yourself in all your perfectly flawed humanness – 

It’s so much easier to do that for the really difficult people in your life. 

Because they’re just humans too. 

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