When I learned what happened, I felt like garbage

Oscar the grouch float

So my husband realized it first. 


He called me into one of his kids’ bedrooms, and said:

“Look, this child has been stealing things from you, and our other kids.” 


And I immediately felt like garbage. 


So, I spent a few days feeling like garbage – 


Blaming myself in my head – 


“If you were a better, more loving, more supportive parent – this wouldn’t have happened.” 


But then I remembered something I so often share with my clients: 


The only reason I felt like garbage is because of the way I was blaming myself. 


I was the cause of my own suffering. 


Sure, I don’t have to love the stealing. 


But I don’t have to make this child’s stealing behavior mean something awful about me as a parent, or a human. 


And soon as I remembered this, I stopped feeling like trash. 


And I felt ready to go back to loving this child, unconditionally – 


Accepting them exactly as they are, even when they do things to me I don’t like. 


Because that’s what feels good to me. 


(And yes, I’m still gonna buy a lockbox for certain special items 😉 ).

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