{Tear-jerker alert} This stepmom’s amazing before and after story

Happy Couple Smiling

I have to tell you this story about my brilliant client, Amanda. 


Amanda is a stepmom, just like you and me. 


When we first met, this is what she told me: 


👉 “I was feeling like I was trapped, I couldn’t handle my anxiety, my life was being controlled by others, and I wasn’t recognizing I was causing my own torment. I was arguing with my spouse all the time, and I thought our marriage was going to end if something didn’t change. And on top of it, I thought I was a horrible stepmom, and too emotional. I was judging myself so harshly.” 


So, through our work together, I helped her: 


✅ Process all of her anxiety and sense of helplessness in a really healthy and productive way – so that could stop lashing out so much, and enjoy much calmer days. 


✅ Communicate more powerfully and influentially with her spouse, without all the arguing. I helped her figure out what to say, and how to say it so that she was building intimacy rather than walls with her partner. 


✅ Stop beating herself up for feeling anxious, and how she was parenting her stepdaugher, so that she could stop feeling so ashamed of herself, and start to genuinely enjoy her life. 


Amanda did the work. 


She applied the tools. 


And here’s what happened for her by the end of our time together: 


“Now, I embrace who I am, and the things that I struggle with. I know I have control over how I feel and act, and react to things. My life is better, and I’m happier when I just process my emotions instead of judging them. Things that sent me over the edge before…I handle them now with no problem. 


 💕 With my spouse, I’m more sympathetic to his insecurities and I’m not taking things so personally. Our relationship is better than I thought it could ever be now. I can genuinely say now that he’s my best friend. We are the safest now with each other.” 


When she shared just how good her relationship had gotten, I was blown away (and moved to tears!)


The beautiful thing about Amanda’s story is that she was ready to give up her marriage. 


And now, she gets to enjoy staying happily married to her best friend. 


Simply by making a few simple tweaks on her own.  


So no matter how much you’re struggling right now…


What Amanda has is possible for you too. 💖

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