The one simple skill every happy stepmom masters

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What if I told you there was just one simple skill you could master…


to enjoy a happy, lasting marriage to your partner, and truly cherish your time with your stepkids?


If you just read that and you’re like: what?! That sounds crazy. 


I know! It’s a bold claim! But stick with me. 


And no..this skill has nothing to do with your partner, the ex, or your stepkids changing. 


I wish I could help you with this! But no human can control another human. You’re only in control of you. 


So what gets us into the most trouble in our relationships is when we react to our feelings of frustration, anger, or anxiety – 


👉 When we yell or lash out, we say things we regret. 


👉 When we shut down, we hide out in our rooms, or stay late at work and then miss out on key moments to genuinely bond with our family. 


All because no one has ever taught us how to process, and allow our negative feelings, instead of reacting to them on autopilot. 


This is a really simple skill that we can all learn. 


And when we learn how to stay calm while having a really difficult conversation with our partners…then we can actually come up with solutions together. 💕


When we learn how to calmly parent our stepkids even when they backtalk, or say cruel things…that’s when they actually start to listen to us more. 🌱


When we learn how to stay calm and collected even when bio-mom tells our stepkids not to like us….that’s when we win. And we take our power back. ✨


And no…I’m not suggesting you shouldn’t have negative feelings. They’re all valid! 


Your feelings matter – the good, the bad, and the ugly  


But…with this one simple skill, the bad and the ugly emotions no longer have to dictate the quality of your relationships. 


No matter how intensely you might feel right now…you still have a human brain that is 100% capable of learning this skill. 


And when you master it… 


💕 You will enjoy more inner peace. 


💕 And a happy, lasting marriage. 

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