The silent, painful tug-of-war inside all stepmoms

female with her face covered

You might feel ashamed to admit this. 


{I know I once did too} 


Maybe sometimes you find yourself lashing out and being really harsh on your stepkids


And then there’s that little voice inside of you who says: “You shouldn’t feel this way towards them. You shouldn’t be so mean. They are just kids.”


And then you feel ashamed, embarrassed. You may wonder: Is there something wrong with me?


But no matter how hard you try to change, these thought and behavior cycles keep repeating themselves.


Over time, things don’t get better at home – and in fact, it feels like they’re getting worse.


And if this is you…


I want you to know this is 100% normal. All of it.



There’s nothing wrong with YOU.



Your brain and body are being triggered. For a very good reason, you don’t feel safe around your stepkids.



The real problem, however, is NOT that you’re getting triggered – because we all get triggered in our family relationships! It’s inevitable, no matter who we end up marrying. 


The real problem is that no one has ever taught you the simple, doable process for managing your triggers. 


Because the beautiful thing about our brains and bodies is that they are designed to overcome these triggers and release them for good. 



Our natural state is peace and connection, and our brains and bodies are always seeking this for us.  


{Think about your very best friend, and how good you feel around her. It’s not an accident she is your bestie}


The good news is that there is a simple, proven formula for managing your triggers with ease, and ultimately, confidently, and comfortably showing up as the calm, grounded wife and stepmom you long to be deep down. 


I’ve been able to do it, and so have my clients.  


And no, I’m not perfect. 


But when I found out that my teenage stepson literally set his toy on fire inside of our home while I was taking care of my newborn…


I was able to handle it with the calmness and clarity of a ninja warrior in battle. I still enforced a consequence. I still shared how concerning this behavior is. I still discussed a plan for how we can make sure it doesn’t happen again. 


But I didn’t yell and freak out on him. {which only make things worse for both of us}



I didn’t later complain to my spouse about what happened or beg him to fix it. {We just talked calmly about how we can lock away our lighters from now on.}



And because I’ve mastered the process of managing my triggers for myself in my own home, I’ve also been able to help over 50 women do exactly the same with my simple, proven formula


And if we can do it, so can you.


So just imagine how empowering and peaceful it would feel for you to stay calm and collected when your stepkids inevitably misbehave at home.


Imagine how peaceful and loving it would feel to then calmly tell your spouse about what happened – instead of your usual blow-outs.


Imagine the connection and intimacy you could have in your marriage as a result.


Imagine how much more fun date nights would get.


How much more passionate the sex could get.


THIS is ALL possible for you


And I promise it’s way easier than you think. 

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