Guarantee a happier, lasting marriage with these 3 pillars

Happy couple

This might be the most powerful thing I can ever say to you: 


It only takes one sane person to completely change a marriage dynamic. 


And you can be the one to change your own marriage, and ultimately enjoy more peace, love, and intimacy with your spouse –


even with difficult stepkids or exes in the mix! 


Now you might be wondering…well HOW do I change my marriage, Kristin? 



You simply learn and implement the 3 essential pillars that guarantee a happier, more peaceful, and lasting marriage – no matter the chaos around you:


In this email, I’m going to share the 1st pillar – and this pillar alone will cut your marital arguments in half and have you feeling calmer, and happier at home. 


{The other 2 pillars will be sent to your inbox next week, so stay tuned!}


Pillar 1: Learn to argue well with the fool-proof, no-yelling protocol 


Studies show that couples in blended/stepfamily dynamics, argue more often, and more intensely, than their counterparts in nuclear families.



{hence why 67% of remarriages with kiddos in the mix end in divorce – all the arguing puts too much strain on the relationship}



But, I show my clients how to argue well and avoid joining their divorced peers with my simple, fool-proof no-yelling protocol. 


First, I walk them through a quick and simple process for remaining calm during a difficult conversation, no matter how defensive their spouses get. 


And then I teach them exactly what to say so that they are genuinely heard with an easy-to-apply, yet powerful script. 


This helps their blow-outs turn into calm, safe dialogues where true intimacy is built, and compromise is possible. 


But don’t just take it from me, here is what my clients have to say after applying this formula:  


Amanda reported back: “My husband and I are now safest with each other. I can now genuinely say he’s my best friend. We know how to argue well, and really listen to each other.”


Virginia said: “I’ve learned how to get my partner to listen better and be more accommodating of my concerns about my stepkids, and parenting. We’re now working as a team to nurture the kids, and help them become more self-sufficient.”


Keely told me: “Now, my husband and I hardly ever fight. I feel so good, all day, every day, and I genuinely feel happy at home. These tools are so powerful.”



Kathryn shared: “I now know how to fight fair with my husband, and he genuinely listens to me. I feel so much more empowered. And, in a way, these changes have saved my marriage.”


Kathleen wants you to know: My relationship with my husband is so much better – the way we communicate and interact is so much calmer and productive. I’m no longer getting so upset with him all the time, and this has been a huge shift. My marriage was in crisis before, and now it’s not. I’m so excited to live the rest of my life this way.”


Just consider: these women are not any different from you and me. 


It only takes one person to build a more passionate, loving, and long-lasting marriage, and that’s exactly what they did.


Maybe you could be the one to build this for yourself too.  

P.S. Want to know more? I created a free training to help you create better relationships with your stepkids and spouse. It's really good. Click the button below to watch.

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