This is so empowering (the 3rd essential pillar)

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This is so empowering – 

You can be the one to cultivate more happiness, peace, and fulfillment in your marriage – for many years to come. 


And there are 3 essential pillars that guarantee a happier, lasting marriage for stepmoms- 


We’ve already discussed: 


  • How to feel loved, and appreciated on demand (hack your negativity bias)

  • The simple psychology of influential communication (how to actually get your family to listen to you with the 0-yelling protocol)


And as promised, here is pillar #3 – 


Pillar 3: Enjoy more fulfillment and ease at home by throwing out the all-or-nothing marriage


The happiest stepmoms and wives, with the longest-lasting, and most intimate marriages, do not rely on their spouses to meet all of their emotional needs and wants.


Most of us understand this intuitively, but many of us have trouble applying this principle to our own partnerships, especially when we feel like we have to fight with our stepkids for attention from our spouses. 


I teach my clients, a simple, quick process for identifying what they want and need specifically, and which wants/ needs can realistically be met by their spouse, themselves, and/or their larger circle of family or friends. 


Once they take all the pressure off their spouses, they enjoy so much more fun, security, and passion at home. 


After applying this pillar, here’s how these stepmoms changed their lives: 


Keely felt like she genuinely wanted to come home after work, instead of dreading it as she had before. She learned that she no longer needed to rely on her family’s moods to feel truly happy. This ultimately led to way fewer arguments with her whole family and much more peace for Keely. 


For Jude, she reignited her passion for restoring furniture again. She no longer felt pressured to ‘fix’ her partner, or his kids, and learned how to feel really good about herself no matter how disrespectful her stepkids were. 


Ashlee realized that she didn’t need to agree with her husband’s parenting choices in order for her to feel safe and loved in their marriage. She learned how to model her values to her stepkids, while no longer feeling responsible, or guilty for how her stepkids were turning out. 


Amanda learned how to give herself the emotional respect and validation she was craving from her husband. This in turn helped her feel more confident to voice her concerns in a calm, loving manner with her husband. She now feels so safe with her husband and feels like he’s truly her best friend. 


Kalina’s husband didn’t want kids, but she did, and she also wanted to stay married. She learned how to go from completely hating and resenting her life to genuinely loving and enjoying her stepdaughters as if they were her own children. She now feels fulfilled and happy with exactly what she has. 


These women are enjoying so much calmer and happier homes and marriages – simply because they followed the 3 pillars process. 


And if they can learn to cultivate more peaceful, intimate, and lasting marriages, it’s possible you can too. 

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