How to fall deeply in love with your spouse, again

happy couple

You may or may not know this about me, but I’m madly in love with my two rescue kitties – Pear and Cherry. 


I love the way they: 

  • Curl up on my lap while I’m watching TV

  • excitedly dart towards their food bowls when it’s time to eat 

  • Loudly protest when I go into the restroom without them 

  • Squeeze into one tiny cat bed together for hours at a time 


And it dawned on me today as I was yet again listening to their loud meows of thanks at mealtime…


The way I love my cats is also how I’ve been able to stay deeply in love with my husband. 


When it comes to him, I spend most of the time noticing and thinking about how…


  • much he makes our 5-month-old giggle 

  • comforting it feels to gaze into his big, bright blue eyes 

  • he does so many loads of dishes, and pretty much all of the shopping

  • dedicated he is to all of his children 

  • soft his lips feel against mine 

  • Safe and warm I feel in his arms 


I spend very little time thinking about what isn’t working, and what I don’t like. 


And it’s not because my husband is perfect – he’s wonderful! But we all have our flaws. 


I learned that enjoying a more deeply loving bond is a mindset game –


It’s simple, doable, and not even hard with a little bit of practice. 


In fact, you can even start right now if you wanted – 


You can make a simple list of what you already like and love about them. 


Go slowly, and notice how good it feels to focus on why you love them – 


Maybe you love how they brought you some much-needed coffee this morning. 


Or maybe you love how comforting it feels to hold their hand. 


Imagine looking at this little list every day – even for just a few minutes a day. 


Imagine that list growing, as you notice more and more of the good. 


And imagine how, with a little repetition, you’d start to feel so much more in love, simply by noticing more of the good, and less of the bad. 


So, just consider: Falling deeply in love with your spouse all over again is 100% possible for you. 

And it starts with small, simple shifts – 

And with some repetition – 

These small changes turn into a deep, genuine, and lasting love. 

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