This stepmom’s 50-minute miracle: constant fights to calm convos

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I know you want to enjoy a deeply loving, intimate, and lasting marriage to your very best friend…

But, you might be stuck in a never-ending cycle of arguing and feeling too anxious, hurt, and angry to really enjoy your marriage right now. 

I promise you there’s a very good reason this is happening right now, and it’s not your fault. 

🔥 But what if there was ONE simple tool that you could use to eliminate your anxiety, hurt, and anger on command?

And, ultimately help you have more productive and calm conversations with your spouse, whenever you wanted? 🔥

If just thought um…YES TO TALL OF THAT!!!!!!!

You’re in the right place. 

👉 You just need to learn my simple, proven emotional empowerment protocol. 

👉It’s the quickest, most effective way to start feeling calmer AND stop the cycle of heated fighting with your spouse for good.

👉 It’s got two simple steps: 

✅ pause whenever you feel anxious/ angry/ hurt, and take some slow deep breaths in through the nose, out through the mouth 

✅ as you’re slowly breathing, repeat this simple script to yourself until you start feeling calmer: 

This is an emotion. I’m simply feeling {name the negative/uncomfortable emotion}.
It’s coming from my thinking habits. 
I don’t have to react right now. 
I am OK.

I walked my client through these exact steps, and after ONE 50 minute session – and here’s what she had to say:


And not only that, but during our next session, she also told me this: 

🥰 “I was able to talk to {my husband} about what happened with his ex very calmly, and rationally, and he responded really well. This is such a relief. 

Before I met you, we were fighting constantly – just like every single day – and now it’s like we’ve had a few arguments, but we were able to calmly end them and move onThese tools are the answer to my prayers. I feel so much more in control.” 

So just put yourself in my client’s shoes –

Imagine feeling angry and hurt when your spouse lets their kids get away with too much yet again, or the ex-wife throws a wrench in your plans once more…

✨ and just like my client, imagine instead…. simply pausing, breathing, and reciting the simple script….and then….. feeling so grounded and in control

✨ Then….imagine how powerful it would feel to have one calm, and productive discussion with your spouse about whatever happened 

✨ Now….just imagine how much more loving and intimate your marriage would become if these types of calm, productive conversations were your norm. 

And just consider….👆👆👆THAT can be your norm – and practicing these 2 simple steps guarantees it. 

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