Yelling at the kids: what it really means

woman yelling

If you’ve ever yelled at your steps or bios before…

Guess what it means about you?

👉It means you are simply a human being. Period.

But seriously…what parent hasn’t yelled at their kids before?

{Do you know of any? If so, please report them. They might not be humans 😂}

And here’s something else that I love –

👉The latest relationship science shows that even the best parents only get things right 33% of the time.

Yes that’s right…Sally the PTA president, lunch box wizard, peaceful playground mediator, beautifully dressed momma, with such well-mannered, delightful children…. also gets it right… LESS THAN HALF the time. 

The other 67% of the time? They mess up!

And what matters when they mess up is this:

👉They then focus on repairing the relationship.

Maybe that means an apology, a nice gesture, a hug.


💕Now please please please re-read this whenever you feel like an evil a$$hole because of something not-so-nice you did to your steps or bios.

💕I promise you…if you are messing up, even if it feels like a majority of the time, it means you’re a human being.

And you can revive your connection with a repair.

And that’s good enough. Period.

But… if you’re NOT EVER messing up…well then that is definitely concerning, and you should for sure get that checked out 😂

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