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"I learned how to get my partner to listen better."
“Before I met Kristin, I felt like I had hit rock bottom... My stepkids were really disrespectful to me and one another. And my partner was unable to see any of it... [And now]...I’ve learned how to get my partner to listen better and be more accommodating of my concerns about my stepkids and parenting.”
Virginia, stepmom of 2
"I feel so much more centered and balanced."
"Before I met Kristin... I was feeling exhausted and overwhelmed and frustrated on a weekly basis. And now, overall I feel calmer and more at ease with everything and emotionally, I have far more energy to think about and experience my life. I’m doing things that I love again - like restoring furniture! I’ve been able to put up boundaries around me, and my time and what I want, and no longer feel like I have to always do what my partner and his kids want. I feel so much more centered and balanced."
Jude, Stepmom of 3
“Now my husband and I hardly ever fight.”
“Before I met Kristin, I was having a lot of fights with my husband, and my relationship with my stepdaughter was rocky. Now, we hardly ever fight, and my relationship with my stepdaughter is getting really good. I feel like this is my home; I want to be there - I don’t want to avoid it, I don’t try to be late...It feels good all day long, everyday.”
Keely, stepmom of 1
"I don't say this lightly when I say Kristin truly changed my life."
"My life was miserable before I found Kristin. I resented everything I did for the kids, all my sacrifices, all my time, it felt like it was pointless. I was contemplating divorce because I didn't think I could handle being a stepmom for the rest of my life. I was hopeless, depressed and desperate! I went from hating my life, to actually enjoying my role in my family. I went from feeling like an outsider, to feeling like a family unit...I don't say this lightly when I say she truly changed my life."
Kaline, Stepmom of 2

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