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Woman smiling

The Case for Love

I have a confession to make.    I used to think that loving my stepkids was so hard.    And I had (and hey, still
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Woman with a scowl

Why we resent our partners (and what to do about it)

So many of us resent our partners (P.S. If this is you, you’re normal).    We think it’s because of the way they parent – How could you NOT punish
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Woman with glasses and hat

Why we hide

All stepmoms do it.    Hiding out. Avoiding. Counting down the hours until the stepkids go off to the other parent’s house.   And it’s
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Black lives matter protesters

I stand with you

Here’s what I know:   Our country is hurting right now.   People of color are hurting, and being killed.   And here’s what
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Woman in boxing tape punching the air

We can do hard things

Being a stepmom is hard, they say.   And you know what I say?    Let it be hard.    We can do hard
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Blonde woman

I used to snap at him

I used to snap at my husband all the time.    I wanted to stop, but I didn’t necessarily know how.   Until I learned
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