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This stepmom’s before & after story blew my mind

Do you love a good ‘before and after’ story?    I know I do.    So I wanted to share Kalina’s incredible before and
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From blow-ups to compromise in ONE DAY

I have to share this story about one of my clients – she’s a bio-mom and a stepmom.    When she first came to
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3 stepparenting hacks you need to know right now

When someone told me that there was a way to get my stepkids to change their behavior *without* straining our relationship, I nearly fell
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The #1 reason why your boundaries aren’t respected

If your stepkids don’t respect your boundaries and limits, you are not alone.    This is so common!    *Especially if you have limited
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Angry mom and child

The only thing you need to stop lashing out

If you lash at your family and want to stop, I want you to know it’s OK.    This is what most humans do.
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Why 70% of stepfamilies fail & How to Stop It

Yes – it’s true.    Up to 70% of marriages with stepkids in the mix won’t last.    And the number one reason why
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