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Couple out to eat with kiddo

Not mutually exclusive: rude stepkids & a happy marriage

“I was out to dinner with my husband, his bio-daughter, and *our* baby daughter.    And my stepdaughter totally ignored me and her sister!
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Upset woman

The secret reason you feel so miserable at home

Let’s face it….sometimes being a stepmom can feel downright miserable!  Especially when you have:    stepkids who ignore you and are disrespectful   your spouse’s
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woman in yellow sweater smiling

When stepping back is good for your marriage

Do you ever wonder: will stepping back from parenting help my marriage?    And the answer is…it truly depends!    Sometimes stepping back from
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woman yelling

Why you yell (and how to stop)

So the other day, I was helping my stepson get ready for his day.    I asked him to make his breakfast, and then
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Little girl sticking out her tongue

What to do when your stepkids are hurtful

Real talk: I know it sucks when you’re stepkids don’t listen, and say or do cruel things.    No one ever said: please sign
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Woman upset with man in background

The simple secret to obliterating 2nd wife grief

Recently one of my clients was talking about how she hates being her husband’s 2nd…   It was his:   2nd wedding   2nd honeymoon   2nd
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