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Woman covering her ears on couch

Will disciplining my stepkids ruin our relationship?

Before officially marrying my husband and becoming a stepmom of 4 kiddos, I had read that I shouldn’t discipline my stepkids because I will forever
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Happy woman with confetti

The one simple skill every happy stepmom masters

What if I told you there was just one simple skill you could master…   to enjoy a happy, lasting marriage to your partner, and
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Woman with head against the wall

My life as a stepmom sucks. Now what?

So the other day I got some really shocking news. 😞   And I had all the feels about it – confused, overwhelmed, sad,
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Happy Couple Smiling

{Tear-jerker alert} This stepmom’s amazing before and after story

I have to tell you this story about my brilliant client, Amanda.    Amanda is a stepmom, just like you and me.    When
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Woman looking in the mirror

The secret mirror effect that could save your marriage

If you’ve never heard of the ‘mirror effect’ –    You’re not alone.    I may have made it up.    But it’s an
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Woman smiling in her kitchen

How Helen got her husband to compromise

Does this story sound familiar at all?    Meet Helen, a stepmom of 2.    Helen loves her husband deeply.     And yet…  
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