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The secret reason we disengage from our stepfamily

When my most recent client came to me, she started off talking about how she’d love to genuinely miss her stepkids when they left the house
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One big family

The connection choice we didn’t know we had

Does this sound familiar to you?    “I just don’t like my stepson. He’s so annoying, rude, and entitled.”    If this is you,
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happy couple

How to fall deeply in love with your spouse, again

You may or may not know this about me, but I’m madly in love with my two rescue kitties – Pear and Cherry.    I
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Insecure woman

Overcome your 2nd wife insecurities today

“I don’t want to keep competing with her ghost anymore,” one of my most recent clients lamented to me.     She’s married to a widower
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2 women arguing

When co-parenting with BM is failing

I know your heart.   You have the best of intentions.   You want everyone to agree on how to parent the kids and
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The kids come 1st: the ugly myth about being #2

We’ve all heard some version of this line before:    “When you marry someone with kids from a previous relationship, their kids will always
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