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Couple yelling at each other

Read this if your marriage is being sabotaged

Do you ever feel like your marriage is being sabotaged by the other bio-parent?    If this is you, I want you to know
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Couple yelling at each other

Why you might be stuck in the outsider’s paradox

Do you ever feel like an outsider in your own home?    If this is you, you’re not alone – this is so common!
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woman smiling holding a cup of coffee

Stop Resenting Your Role as a Stepmom Today

How often do you resent your role as stepmom and wife?    If you just thought – a lot, Kristin! – Don’t worry, you’re
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Woman holding scarf across her face

The real reason you get transition anxiety

I know how anxious you might feel before your stepkids come over.    And heck maybe you feel that way before they leave too
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Woman looking angry sitting on bed

The real reason you can’t stop arguing

If you want to stop arguing with your spouse, I can help you.    So many of us think the reason we argue with
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woman who looks upset

You must read this if you resent your stepkids

I know that you don’t WANT to resent your stepkids. Of course you don’t. Resenting people feels crappy.    But then you look at
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