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Woman screaming at phone

How do I stop resenting the bio-mom?

You resent the bio-mom ?   – For the way she dictates your schedule.   – For how unkind she is to your spouse
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woman yelling

Yelling at the kids: what it really means

If you’ve ever yelled at your steps or bios before…Guess what it means about you??It means you are simply a human being. Period.But seriously…what parent hasn’t
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Happy woman

I’m the happiest I’ve ever been as a stepmom

Charity W., like so many of you, wanted to genuinely miss her stepson when he went away to college.    But when she came to me,
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happy couple smiling

This stepmom’s 50-minute miracle: constant fights to calm convos

I know you want to enjoy a deeply loving, intimate, and lasting marriage to your very best friend… But, you might be stuck in a never-ending cycle of
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happy couple smiling

The permanent, fool-proof marriage solution for stepmoms

If you’re in the midst of a sudden or ongoing marital challenge, you’re not alone.    {In fact you may even be Kristin
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Woman with hands up

The secret reason we disengage from our stepfamily

When my most recent client came to me, she started off talking about how she’d love to genuinely miss her stepkids when they left the house
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