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Help! I married a Disneyland Dad!

I know what’s going on with your Disneyland partner.  Let me be the first to say I know it’s not fun.    And I
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I was miserable. THIS changed everything

Does this sound like you?    “My situation isn’t even that bad…. So I shouldn’t even be this miserable. I should just suck it
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Feel better around your stepkids (without becoming a doormat)

Remember Katie?    Last week I shared how she transformed her marriage, without trying to change her partner. And now I need to tell
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Most Marriage Advice is Wrong (But this works)

I have to tell you about my client, Katie.   She came to me wanting to stop arguing so much with her partner. She
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Are you toxically shaming yourself?

I have a confession to make.    I’m not always nice to my stepkids. In fact, a few months ago, I was really mean to
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Her heart was broken (but yours doesn’t have to)

I have an important message to share. You ready?  The other day I read about a fellow stepmom who had spent a lot of
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