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Woman looking angry sitting on bed

The real reason you can’t stop arguing

If you want to stop arguing with your spouse, I can help you.    So many of us think the reason we argue with
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woman who looks upset

You must read this if you resent your stepkids

I know that you don’t WANT to resent your stepkids. Of course you don’t. Resenting people feels crappy.    But then you look at
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woman with mouth closed

Feeling anxious right now? I can help you

For many of us, the holidays can make us feel super anxious.   And it makes sense – many of us are not only dealing
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woman who is sad

What to do when your stepkids are mean

I’ll be the first to admit it.   It totally sucks when our stepkids ignore us, exclude us, or treat us like second class
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Couple embracing

The secret hack to cutting marital arguments in half {part 1}

It’s totally possible to cut your marital arguments in half.    Want to know how?    First things first: arguments happen because we react
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Woman with head turned to side against a yellow wall

Elle’s story: Get over bio-mom drama in 60 minutes or less

I love this – this is Elle’s story about how she got over her drama with the bio mom, without the ex changing at
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