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"I don't say this lightly when I say she truly changed my life."
My life was miserable before I found Kristin. I absolutely despised being a stepmom. I hated the ex-wife. I often hated my husband for bringing her into my life and not warning me how hard things would be. I resented everything I did for the kids, all my sacrifices, all my time, it felt like it was pointless. I was contemplating divorce because I didn't think I could handle being a stepmom for the rest of my life. I was hopeless, depressed and desperate! I went from hating my life, to actually enjoying my role in my family. I went from feeling like an outsider, to feeling like a family unit. And most of all, I developed the coping skills and thought processes I needed to create so much more happiness and peace in my life! No longer do I feel helpless and hopeless, I can now look to the future with excitement. I am in control! I feel powerful. You will not regret one second of working with Kristin. Kristin will be the best thing you can do for yourself. She is incredible at her job. She's relatable, easy to talk to, kind, firm, creative, and smart. There is no other gift in the world you could give yourself that will be more valuable to your happiness than working with Kristin. I don't say this lightly when I say she truly changed my life.
Kalina, stepmom of 2
"I am more in control & comfortable at home."
“Kristin helped me better understand my anger & resentment towards my stepkids and my fears about bringing a baby into our divided family. Working with her has helped me become less reactive and more peaceful. I feel more in control and comfortable in my own home. Kristin is safe, warm, and accepting. Working with her was worth the investment in myself and my family.”
Picture of Jude smiling
"I feel so much more centered and balanced."
"Before I met Kristin, I was feeling like I had found this wonderful person who I loved but, I was also feeling like I had very little control over what was happening in our relationship, and my role in his family. I was feeling exhausted and overwhelmed and frustrated on a weekly basis. I had this major sense of guilt because I felt like I was invading someone else’s family. I spent a lot of time people-pleasing, and not really paying attention to what I wanted. Now, I feel like I always have a choice in how I respond to any given situation. Knowing I have this choice feels really empowering. I am able to enjoy my relationship so much more and not let any of the dynamics with his kids affect me so much. I recognize that I don’t have to fix anyone - neither my partner, nor his kids - nor is it my responsibility to do that. Overall I feel calmer and more at ease with everything and emotionally, I have far more energy to think about and experience my life. I’m doing things that I love again - like restoring furniture! I’ve been able to put up boundaries around me, and my time and what I want, and no longer feel like I have to always do what my partner and his kids want. I feel so much more centered and balanced. If you’re thinking about hiring Kristin, I would say just do it. What I’m learning is that being in this role of ‘stepmom’ is not easy for anyone. And, that’s actually one of the main things that’s been helpful to hear- that my experience is common. It helps to know that a lot of the emotions are very normal and to know you’re not alone is really helpful. So the real question is: why wouldn’t you do this for yourself? Why wouldn’t you want to enjoy yourself more? Cope better? Feel better? Kristin does an absolutely fantastic job. She’s incredibly understanding and asks the right questions and has the right tools just for stepmoms. To be able to talk through things, and learn how to feel better without changing anyone else has been life changing for me."
"I saved my marriage from divorce."
Kristin helped me save my marriage and boost my self-confidence. Before working with her, my marriage was very rocky, and I didn't know how to communicate with my spouse. I also had a bad relationship with my stepkids. Kristin taught me how to remain calm and communicate effectively, which improved my marriage and relationships. I'm now more confident in making parenting decisions at home and feel in control of my future. Working with Kristin not only impacted my marriage but also my career and friendships. I'm grateful for the tools she gave me and highly recommend seeking help if you're contemplating divorce.
Alabama stepmom
picture of Tess from Australia
"I no longer feel trapped in my own home."
"Before working with Kristin, I felt trapped in my own home. And now, she helped me to depersonalize my stepson's behaviour and taught me effective discipline while validating my own needs and emotions. She also helped me to set boundaries at home and work, allowing me to prioritize myself without making others happy at my expense. Working with Kristin gave me a refreshing understanding of my patterns and behaviors and how to change them. She asked me all the right questions to reassess what was truly going on. I have made so much progress in my life thanks to Kristin, and I am so grateful. I no longer feel trapped. If you are considering working with her, know that she will help you too."
Tess from Australia
"My husband is now my best friend."
“Previously, I felt trapped, suffered from high anxiety, and allowed other people to control my life. I judged myself harshly, and my marriage was on the rocks. However, through Kristin’s guidance, I learned to accept myself, process my emotions, and control how I feel and act. My relationship with my spouse is more fulfilling than ever before - I can now say my husband is my best friend. Through working with Kristin, I have learned skills that will benefit me throughout my life. If you are experiencing similar struggles, I highly recommend working with Kristin."
Amanda F.

*These testimonials are from real clients who’ve worked with me one on one. And while I can never guarantee that you can save your marriage from divorce, I can guarantee that you will receive:


  • the most effective tools & scripts to disagree with ease & cut your heated fights in half – even if your fights last for days on end right now. 

  • the simplest and most loving parenting strategies to enjoy more listening and trust at home – even if your stepkids roll their eyes at you when you ask them to go to bed.

  • the skills to quickly alleviate all that dread, resentment, and anxiety you feel inside – even if you feel sick with dread on transition days. 


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