5-day reinvigorate your marriage challenge

video 1: Think good things

Learn how to revitalize the desire and love in your marriage. 

Song credit: Think Good Things – Day + Shay

Video 1 challenge: 

Ask and answer: 
  1. What are 3 things my spouse already does to show me their love?
  2. What are 3 things I already desire about my spouse? 

Pause to feel the shift in your body with each question. 

video 2: Assume Good intentions

Learn one powerful question to to build more connection and understanding in your marriage. 

Video 2 challenge: 

Ask and answer: 

If they’re not trying to hurt me, what else might be going on here?

bonus video 2: when they say mean things

BONUS: How to use the good intentions process even when they say mean things. 

video 3: The right emotions

Learn the emotional empowerment protocol & eliminate half your heated fights. 

Video 3 challenge: 

Whenever you feel angry, frustrated, upset: 
1. Use emotions as a cue to pause 
2. Use nasal breathing to activate calmness 
3. Repeat this simple script… 


I’m simple feeling a negative emotion. 

This is {name the emotion}

It’s caused by my thinking habits. 

I’m OK. We’re OK. 

video 4: The proven script

Learn the proven script that when coupled with the right emotions & good intentions guarantees no more heated fights.

Day 4 Challenge: 


Before an argument: 

1. Use the emotional empowerment protocol 

2. Separate the facts vs. interpretations 


During the discussion: 

1. Share facts & get their buy-in 

2. Share “I” statement interpretations & be willing to be wrong 

3. Figure out new solutions OR time-out

video 5: commit & apply

It’s all about the application, baby! 

Day 5 Challenge:  

Set a goal & commit. 

Make your action plan.