Love Being a stepmom: cut your fights in half

Day 1: Stop Most Heated fights before they start

Learn to feel calmer on command and stop most heated fights before they start!

Video 1 challenge: 

Use the A-B-C technique today!
A: Acknowledge – this is {name the feeling}
B: Breathe – slowly through the nose, out slowly through the mouth {‘Hot Cocoa Breath}
C: Comfort yourself with a simple script: 

This is {name the feeling}. This is {name the feeling}

It makes sense. I’m allowed to feel this. 

I don’t need to react right now. 

I’m OK. We’re OK. 

Pause to feel the shift in your body. 

Notice how well you respond when you’re feeling calmer. 

Day 2: Prepare with Clarity & confidence

Get clarity on the root cause of 99% of marital fights. 

Learn how to appropriately ‘pre-game’ before a prickly discussion (no alcohol needed!).

Video 2 challenge: 

Practice pre-gaming when you notice something that feels hard to handle: 


First, use the A-B-C technique 

Then, ask yourself: 

What are the facts? 

What are my interpretations?

Bonus question: 

If they’re not trying to intentionally hurt me, what else might be going on here? 


Day 3: Feel Heard & compromise

Use a simple script that’s proven to lower defensiveness. 

Learn a loving exit strategy that eliminates all heated fights for good.

Video 3 challenge: 

Use this simple script to lower defenses & invite cooperation: 
  • Soft intro & buy-in 
  • Share the facts & get buy in
  • Use “I” statement interpretation & be willing to be wrong – “I know I’m probably wrong about this but I’m making this mean…”
  • Listen & discuss. 
  • Talk about solutions or use a loving exit-strategy. 

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