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Kristin created a safe space where I felt comfortable to open up and face some feelings that I didn't even realise I had, as well as giving me the tools to turn those feelings around to create more peace in my life with my step family. I am better able to manage situations that previously caused me a lot of stress and enjoy the time when my partner's daughter is here. I also felt that as a step mum herself, Kristin really understands where you are coming from. I highly recommend her as a coach!
I"ll just be honest and say I was a little skeptical about working with a coach, but I was interested in seeing what it was all about. Coaching with Kristin was very challenging -- in a good way! She helped me look at, and think about, my relationships in a very different way. (I didn't even know there WAS another way to look at my relationships!) I really liked Kristin's gentle way of introducing new ways of thinking and looking at things, I think that's what was most enlightening to me -- realizing there are other possibilities. I highly recommend Kristin! I got a LOT out of working with her and enjoyed working with her.
Working with Kristin has been an amazing experience. The skills she has shared with me has helped me with my personal life so much and the changes I have made has helped my relationship so much!
Kristin provided me with life coaching sessions, and I strongly recommend her to anyone who is interested in making structured adjustments in their life. She has a rare talent for providing just the right amount of guidance to empower you to get to the root of thought or behavior patterns, while laying out a logical path to make meaningful changes. She will provide you with a personalized experience complete with exercises to apply the skills you learn to your daily routines. Wonderful experience!

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